New Option! Riverwood

JM-FF-C in Cocobolo and Sinker Redwood Spruce with a Sound Port

This stunning new guitar has been crafted with reclaimed Sinker Redwood.

This range is called Lakestone Riverwood Series. This name comes from the fact that the Sinker Redwood Spruce top has been recovered from the depths of a river which had sat there for many years. The top is seasoned and torrified which gives an awesome sound and uniquely responsive tone. This guitar has been paired with Cocobolo back and sides.

It also has a sound port on the side. This unique port helps the player get a more amplified acoustic sound in the playing position, as it throws sound waves towards the player.

Fan Fret (FF)

JM-FF-B in Spruce and Lacewood

The guitar in this picture is called a "fan fret" acoustic guitar.

The increased scale length on the low E string creates greater tension which gives an incredibly strong and definite bass tone. This is perfect for playing in alternative tunings that require a lower bass notes. Each string has its own scale length which allows for very accurate intonation.

Scale length on this option is from 680mm to 635mm (the high E string has the shortest scale length). This has many benefits including beautiful harmonics; rich, clear and defined trebles and it is surprisingly easy to bend up to other notes.

Players who have tried this guitar find that there is little or no adaptation needed to their individual playing styles since the neck proves to be very ergonomic. The slimmer thickness of the neck and low action helps to give a very comfortable and faster play. However, it is optional for us to craft thicker and wider necks if requested. Also, all of our necks have been designed to create amazing sustain!


JM-C in Cedar and Lacewood, showing the 5-piece neck and headstock back plate

We offer 2 neck sizes (different widths) on all models:

Original - 43mm at nut and 54mm at 14th fret
Wide - 45mm and 57mm at 14th fret

All our necks are controlled with a double action truss rod with 2 carbon fibre reinforcements either side. They are a classic C profile in shape, constructed with a 5 piece solid wood laminate. This allows for us to make slimmer necks without loosing structural integrity or stability. This also results in necks which are less affected by environmental fluctuations. Our necks are bolt-ons, which gives exceptional ability for ease of maintenance and re-frets. We use a 'tong under the fretboard' joint which also eliminates the Ď14th fret humpí issue.

Tone Woods

TOP: SL with Walnut back and sides, BOTTOM: SL with Ziricote back and sides

We offer a variety of tone woods and are at hand to help pick the best combination for the desired tonal sound of the finished guitar.

Popular combinations:

Back and Sides
African Mahogany
Lacewood / London Plane
(Rosewood available subject to CITES Licensing)

Red Western Cedar
Sitka Spruce
Englemann Spruce
Adirondak spruce


Bevel (B) & Binding

SL in Ziricote and Cedar with Mahogany Bevel, Abalone and Spalted Rosette

Our Bevel arm rest has become a popular feature on Lakestone guitars, creating a comfort contour with a very ergonomical playing experience and position.

We will work with each customer to make a recommendation for the best combination of bindings, taking into account contrasts with chosen tone woods and any resulting tones. Lacewood, mahogany and figured maple are our most common choice of binding woods.

Cutaway (C)

Cutaways give excellent upper fret access, and we can offer a cutaway on all the guitar models we make, except for ziricote.

This is because ziricote can fatigue under a double bend, which is required for a cutaway, and leave a structurally compromised body.


We fit our guitars with L.R Baggs Anthem pickups.

Their combination of under bridge piezo and tru-mic technology blend to create the prefect acoustic guitar tone. The layout feature of this pickup is also un-obtrusive to the natural contouring of our guitars, negating the need for extra holes in the body.

Read more about the Anthem pick up here.

Left-Handed (LH)

Left hand models of all our guitars are available - at no extra cost!